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It all started when…

Since the age of 10, Dave Gillis has been pursuing his passion as a DJ, always playing with radio stations or playing records for friends and family who came over to visit growing up in Detroit. While in boarding school in Connecticut, Dave had a chance to see legendary DJ Frankie Knuckles perform at The Tunnel nightclub in NYC, and from that chance moment, knew that this is what he wanted - to be a professional DJ. After earning a bachelor’s degree in communications and leading a successful career in marketing communications and project management for several Fortune 500 companies (including Sony, Mitsubishi and KPMG LLP), Dave decided to re-directed his talents to his own true calling – entertainment - thru DJing.

Dave’s infectious personality and flawless mixing style makes him easy to spot. His vocal projection and music reflects the emotional connection that he has with his audience. Dave’s smooth mixing skills, natural presence and command of a wide range of music styles make him a great choice for any party. His passion for music and entertainment keeps him hard at work, which includes performing at weddings, corporate events, private functions, or creating flawless mix shows. 


It is no surprise to anyone that Dave Gillis has established himself as San Francisco's favorite DJ and is definitely one of the best to come out of the San Francisco music scene. His performance is simply amazing!